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We’re Bill and Alicen Rumsey- foodies, all around adventurers, constantly in search of new flavor. We’re always on the lookout for something new, something different, something unexpected but forever delicious!!

Originally from Hutchinson, Kansas and Tucson, Arizona, Bill and Alicen met in 2017 at Beaver Lake where their story began. Bill never failed to impress Alicen with his culinary delights.

After countless years of cooking in the firehouse, learning from dad and mom, Nola, and creating his own stuff, these moments have led us to open Nola’s Pantry (named in memory of Bill’s mom).



We’re a Cafe and Specialty Food shop specializing in small batch items and goods, including unique bulk spices, rubs, hot sauces, jams, honey, soup mixes, cocktail syrups, tea, coffee, gifts and pantry accessories. Our cafe offers an all day menu served Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm based on how you're feelin...Brekkie, Snacky, Healthy or Hangry!  We also have beer, wine, lattes, mocktails and fruit smoothies if you're feelin Thirsty.


We’re located in historic downtown Rogers, Arkansas at the corner of Chestnut and 1st Street

103 West Chestnut Street, Suite 100

Located on the Railyard Loop on 1st Street, Roger’s newest bike connection

Grab a latte, smoothie and/or a snack at our ride-up/walk-up window!



We’ve opened Nola’s Pantry because we’re driven toward educating NWA on finding a better way to eat through the use of spices, healthy fats, unrefined salts and sugars. Our mission is to eat more veggies and less animal protein or carbs...BUT HOW?? Choose to create dishes that pack a punch of flavor using our small batch ingredients. We’re not entirely crazy though... We fully support the 80/20 rule - mostly healthy is the new healthy!!


Why the cafe?

We feel it’s important to “try before you buy” so samples will be available.  In addition, many of our menu items include products sold in the store. We strive for an interactive experience so please don’t be shy to ask! We’re also passionate about creating a gathering place for the community to keep on encouraging each other, be thoughtful and do helpful things…COME IN and HAVE FUN!

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